Welcome to Blogging Bosch and Bruegel. This blog is part of an exciting European project investigating four paintings all showing the same scene of ‘Christ Driving the Traders from the Temple’.  All four works were made in 16th-century Antwerp studios after a so far unknown original. An interdisciplinary team of art historians, conservators and conservation scientists has investigated the paintings using both art historical and scientific methods.  The compositions are all inspired and influenced by the famous Flemish painters Hieronymus Bosch and Pieter Bruegel the Elder.  See: http://www.bosch-bruegel.com/

The paintings are full of stories, interesting characters and esoteric symbols. But what kind of stories would the 16th-century viewer see? And what do we, with our 21st-century eyes and minds, make of it all? What happens when these paintings come alive:

Students from the MA in Creative writing at the University of Glasgow will blog their stories on these paintings and the fascinating people, symbols and events in them. Every fortnight new stories will appear. You are invited to react and add your own.

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